Susan’s Story

 I developed my love of design at a very early age growing up in rural Manitoba. These early years profoundly influenced my approach to Interior Design. My home was a long way from a town and any services, so being resourceful and finding ways to make things work was an everyday way of life. My father was an uneducated Irish immigrant who taught himself to read and write, as well as welding and carpentry. He was a craftsman and an inventor and I was fascinated with the beautiful and useful things he could design and create from materials he scavenged or bought for a few dollars. This appreciation for re-use and economy of materials has helped to shape my Design philosophy.

  As a teen I fell in love with fashion. Not having access to all the trendy clothes I saw in the magazines I was inspired to learn to sew. This became another lifelong passion as I made myself so many versions of the latest fashions. As I grew older I perfected my sewing skills on the edgy, finely tailored and detailed garments I favoured. Fashion also taught me so much about design long before I studied Interior Design.

 Later in my career I spent 6 years teaching Design and Drafting at Crocus Plains Regional Secondary School in Brandon. It was here that I became proficient at Autocad and I learned that those you endeavour to teach can teach you far more in return if your mind is open.

  I have translated the lessons these experiences taught me about the importance of communication and  how objects and spaces can be crafted into my work as an Interior Designer. I strive to create timeless finely tailored interiors that focus on practical function and beautiful details. I listen carefully to my clients to learn what their needs are and what they want the spaces they live and work in to feel like. My priority is careful consideration of needs and budget without sacrificing details and craftsmanship. I have made this is our trademark.